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Eco Dwelling is a Construction Company, with the mission of favoring our environment. Our engineering and construction team prioritize the quality of our projects and the respect of our ecology. Our Modular Homes come equipped with an electric water heater, dual flush toilet, LED lights and other modern electrical appliances.

We also provide in every single house electrical charge vehicle plug. We choose this advance technology to be in our homes “0 carbon emissions”. The materials that we use for our eco friendly construction, are meant for a new ecological lifestyle. Our team cares about the future of our planet, so we ask ourselves, what legacy do we want to leave the next generations? We are a company compromise with the environment, we choose the ecological way to build.


Some Interisting Facts

From compact garden offices, to large-scale eco homes and commercial establishments, our designs put the ‘unique’ in ‘unique living solutions.’
From the beginning of our journey we’ve had a dedicated construction team, along with international award winning designers offering their expertise to every project we’ve taken on. Together, these skilled craftsmen ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

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