Sheathing Insulation


Zip System

The ZIP System® premium sheathing products are weather and moisture resistant and can withstand a long duration when exposed to the elements during the construction process. Once properly installed in a finished Code complying building, these products can last the duration of an average building, that is, at least 60 years.

During use, the product is contained within the exterior structure of the building. ZIP System uses no energy or water during use. ZIP System requires no maintenance, repair, replacement, or reburbishment during its service life.

The end-of-life scenario was modeled based on the 2011 US EPA solid waste and waste diversion statistics . The study assumes a 14.8% recycling rate with the remaining 85.2% being disposed as the average US municipal solid waste disposition. The average US disposition includes 82% landfill and 18% incineration. The cut-off methodology (also known as the recycled content method in the GHG Protocol for Products) was used for any materials that were sent to recycling such as scrap and the end of life disposition.

The ZIP System wall sheathing provides air sealing potential for a building, and the ZIP R-Sheathing product provides air sealing and increased thermal resistance.